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CAT III Anti-Corrosion Systems

CAT provides a system, not just a gadget !  Not all electronic rust suppression systems are the same ! Aside from the fact that a negative electrolysis system like CAT is the ONLY method effective on ‘free air structures’ like motor vehicles and machinery, it is CAT’s attention to detail that sets us apart. You can be assured that everything associated with CAT is quality and with a CAT unit protecting your asset there is nothing in the world that could be doing a better job. CAT are the leaders in electronic rust prevention with over 25 years of experience built around research, testing and tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.


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Selection Guide


Additional Options


(2 Pad - Heavy Duty)

(4 Pad - Extra Heavy Duty)

Input Voltage



Operating Voltage



Output Transformers

Two (2)

Four (4)

Output Power (to each Pad)

50Vpk-pk @ 12.5kHz

50Vpk-pk @ 12.5kHz


- Negative

- Negative

Current Draw

25ma +/-

35ma +/-

Operating Temperature




4 Pad - Xtra Heavy Duty $555.00 AUD

2 Pad - Heavy Duty $345.00 AUD

Includes free postage via Australia Post with receipted delivery

Detailed Product Information

Trouble Shooting Guide

Warranty Info

2 Pad Installation Guide

4 Pad Installation Guide

Why Choose a CAT?


It is important to choose the correct size CAT system to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle or asset. There are a number of factors which need to be considered such as the size and type of the vehicle, whether the vehicle already has existing rust and in what environmental conditions your vehicle is likely to be operating. As a general rule any type of vehicle less then 6 meters in overall length operating mainly on sealed roads and occasionally venturing off-road or on the beach will only require a heavy duty 2 Pad CAT system.  For larger vehicles, those with existing rust, or where the vehicle is subjected to highly corrosive environments such as continual beach use, mine site work, salt and snow or coastal living we highly recommend fitting the Extra Heavy Duty 4 Pad CAT system.


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